AmericaDefeating Tyron Woodley thanks to the referee’s score at noon on August 30, Hanoi time, American YouTuber Jake Paul has won all four matches since boxing last year.

Jake Paul - Tyron Woodley

After eight rounds without knock-out, Jake Paul won thanks to the referee score 77-75, 79-74, 75-77. Statistics of Showtime shows, Jake Paul unleashes more hits and has more accuracy. The US YouTuber made 207 hits, with 71 hits – a rate of 34%. Woodley punched 163 hits, with 52 hits on target, reaching a rate of 32%.

However, Woodley was angry with the referee’s decision, and demanded a rematch. The former UFC welterweight champion said: “If this is the highest pay TV, PPV fight, the rematch will be even higher. I feel like I’ve won. Jake is the opponent. It’s great, that’s why I work hard to get in good shape. But the fact that a umpire told me to win by two innings is ridiculous.”

Beating Woodley, Jake Paul had the hardest victory since joining the boxing village last year, with the first three fights being won by knockout. In the first two matches, the boxer born in 1997 defeated amateur opponents, British YouTuber AnEsonGib and former NBA star Nate Robinson, respectively. On April 17, he continued to beat former Bellator and ONE Championship champion Ben Askren in the first round at the Triller Fight Club boxing event.

“This match was harder than I expected. Woodley fought and got into the ring in top form. I have a lot of respect for him. This is a dream come true, I want to cry but I’m a bit tired,” Jake said. after victory. “Let’s see what happens next. I’ve been boxing for 18 months. I haven’t been to the dentist, barely cut my hair in the last two years. I’ve devoted myself to boxing for the past 18 months, and I think I need to relax, take a break.”

The advantage of arm span helps Jake Paul make many powerful thrusts.  Photo: Showtime Boxing

The advantage of arm span helps Jake Paul make many powerful thrusts. Photo: Showtime Boxing

Jake entered the game more actively in the match at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, Ohio, USA. He unleashes heavy punches, a jab, and then even a three-hit combo to score early. In the second half, Jake – with the advantage of long arm span – continued to actively pruning from a distance, while Woodley tried to close.

The former UFC welterweight champion opened the third round with a right hook on target, followed by an accurate three-hit combo. Jake immediately responded with a heavy hook – the most spectacular hit from the beginning of the match. In the fourth round, Woodley cornered Jake in the ring and hooked the hook in the face, stunning the opponent. However, the 39-year-old American boxer waved his hand to provoke the opponent, instead of rushing in to launch the finishing blow.

In the fifth and sixth rounds, Woodley continued to dominate, although both martial arts were exhausted. In the seventh round, Jake maintained distance with his left poke, making it difficult for Woodley to close and strike. In the final round, Woodley actively attacked to find a knock-out, but Jake still responded well. The American YouTuber ended the match with an accurate right hook to confirm his position.

Woodley looked for a knock-out opportunity in the last two rounds but failed.  Photo: Showtime Boxing

Woodley looked for a knock-out opportunity in the last two rounds but failed. Photo: Showtime Boxing

Jake will earn $ 1 million after this victory, and his defeat will pocket $ 500,000. These figures do not include television royalties. Now, Jake will aim for higher levels of competition. He will most likely challenge Conor McGregor or Dillon Danis, as the goal has been set.

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