Mike Modano at the amateur level scored the albatross with a 1/6,000,000 probability of hitting the professional level.

On July 9, Modano – a former American professional hockey superstar (NHL) – entered the American Century Championship (ACC). This is a golf event for sports and celebrities in the US. On the opening day, he achieved a golf feat at the par5 18th hole, 572 yards, from the left edge of the fairway on a second shot 205 yards from target.

Mike Modano scored albatross

This is the first albatross in 32 years ACC. With “two strokes on the par5”, Modano scored 10 points in the “adjusted stableford” format. He, thereby, shares the top of the table with John Smoltz – former MLB baseball star. Modano is hitting the top of recreational golf – handicap is zero.

Yesterday, he was albatross thanks to Allison Micheletti – caddie, wife and former professional golfer. Before shooting, Modano hesitated between the 6 and 7 irons when the wind blew to the left. His wife recommends number 7. “I listened to my wife and picked the perfect tree,” Modano told the radio’s golf channel NBC.

Modano (right) celebrates with another golfer after a rare score.

Modano (right) celebrates with another golfer after a rare score.

ACC 2021 through 54 holes combined with charity activities, held on Edgewood field, south of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The prize fund reached 600,000 USD, of which the first place contestant received 125,000. The defending champion – former tennis player Mardy Fish is in 13th place with 18 points, 7 points behind Modano.

Albatross is the equivalent of a hole-in-one on a par4 hole, or two strokes on a par5 hole. Most hole-in-ones occur on par3 holes. The probability of a hole-in-one par3 hole at the professional level is at 1 in 3,000 shots, at the average amateur level is 1/12,000, according to the National HIO Registry, USA.

Double Eagle Club (DEC) specializes in tracking albatross in the US. This unit estimates the probability of albatross at 1/6,000,000 shots. The DEC has counted 86 albatross on the PGA Tour since 1974, including the early-week qualifiers. They found that only one albatross was scored on the par4 hole. Its owner was Andrew Magee at the 17th hole of TPC Scottdales at the Waste Management Phoenix Open 2001. It is also the only par4 hole-in-one in PGA Tour history.

In golf, birds are used to show performance below par (the standard number of strokes of the hole) including birdies for -1 (under par par), eagle for -2, albatross for -3, condor for -4 ( equivalent to a hole-in-one par5 hole. The DEC reasoned that the deeper the negative point, the larger the bird’s size and thus its rarity.

Page golf.co.uk Statistics of four condors were recorded between 1962 and 2007. Condor is so rare that there are no doors for international betting companies.

In biology, albatross is a large albatross living in the Southern Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean. Their adult wingspan can be up to 3.7 meters – the widest of any known bird. The International Union for Conservation of Nature recognizes 22 strains of albatross and all are on the survival alert scale.

The condor is an endangered head and neck vulture. They mainly live in South America and the state of California. With a wingspan of at least three meters. It is the largest and largest flight of land birds in the Western Hemisphere.

The “adjusted Stableford” formula encourages golfers to be more bold in their playing tactics, to get more points as positive as possible, by converting the usual score at each hole into an algebraic score as follows:

Double Eagle (under three-hole or -3) : +8 points

Eagle (-2): +5 points

Birdie (-1): +2 points

Par: 0 points

Bogey: -1 point

Double bogey or worse: -3 points

Thus, when playing according to “adjusted Stableford” with the spirit of “risk will be rewarded”, the person who finishes with the highest positive score wins, instead of the deepest negative.

Quoc Huy

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