17-year-old female student Megha Ganne ranked T1 with a score of -4 after the first round of the 76th major period organized by the American Golf Association (USGA) at Olympic Club, San Francisco.

The tournament took place on Ho field, par71 with a prize fund of 5.5 million USD.

Ganne is just 17 years old and will graduate from Holmdel High School in New Jersey next year. She competed in the US Women’s Open 2021 by winning the third extra hole in the selection round. This female student is ranked 71st on the world amateur rankings (WAGR).

Ganne, with a T1, was a pleasant surprise on the first day of the US Womens Open.  Photo: AP

Ganne, with a T1, was a pleasant surprise on the first day of the US Women’s Open. Image: AP

On the opening day of June 3, Ganne scored six birdies and two bogeys in the scoreboard of 67 strokes, reaching 249 yards at two points recorded by the Organizing Committee for the average distance in the first hole. The whole game, Ganne hit eight of the 14 fairways, went to the green on a 12-hole standard, and used 24 putts. With that professional performance, Ganne is the sixth amateur to hit 67 strokes or less over 18 holes in USGA women’s major history.

And thanks to that, she and Mel Reid – professional golfer of English origin kept the first place after the opening stage. They are within three strokes of 13 players, including Ko Jin Young – who is at the top of professional women’s golf in the world (Rolex Rankings).

Ganne thinks the experience from the first time attending the tournament – ​​in 2019 gives her more confidence this time. At the “major experience” two years ago, this female student was eliminated because she hit 81, 72 strokes through two rounds, respectively.

“I was nervous at that time. Because who can’t do that in debut and meet idols in the big and prestigious arena. But this second time, I’m tougher, come to prove my talent instead of being caught up in the air. majestic atmosphere but tense”, Ganne yesterday shared personal psychology.

Her parents – Hari and Sudha Ganne – followed throughout the lake yard to support their daughter and showed no concern. On the contrary, they happily watched Ganne’s every move, even when the ball was in the rough or the bunker and the 18th hole bogey at the end of the game.

“Today is special. My daughter is in great form. Tomorrow is coming but maybe her first round will give her more motivation for the next stage,” Hari shared feeling proud of the optimistic start. of children. In the family line, the Ganne family is the first generation to immigrate to America. It was Hari who took her daughter to golf.

After graduating from high school, Ganne would enter Stanford University by verbal agreement with the school. Tiger Woods spent two years as a Stanford student on a golf scholarship.

After 18 holes, the US Women’s Open 2021 recorded Chloe Kovelesky not yet professional, leading in serving distance, averaging 301 yards, of which the furthest 338.6 yards. But Kovelesky has not broken through with that advantage because he is standing at T146 (point +10), near the bottom of the table with a list of 156 players. I am 14 years old and the youngest player this period.

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