Hole 6, par5 at Airport Hill is “a big unknown” with the most farthest golfer playing the PGA Tour during the Arnold Palmer Invitational competition.

Hole 6, 555 yard long, from the fairway to the green embracing a large lake. In such shape and length, most PGA Tour golfers must follow the standard sequence of using a driver stick to send down the fairway – to the green with a long or short iron depending on the ability and wind – to put the ball. In addition to the main road, it had a shortcut – from a lake ice teeing ground to the opposite bank. But to go green in one shot – “1 on”, they need to make the ball 350 yards, otherwise they will “bathe”.

Graphics of hole 6 par 5 at Airport Hill.

Graphics of hole 6 par 5 at Airport Hill.

This is a pitted inspiration for John Daly and Bryson DeChambeau. Daly was the furthest away from the 1998 PGA Tour, averaging 299.4 yards and DeChambeau is leading this season, averaging 323.9 yards.

Daly, on the last round of Arnold Palmer Invitational 23 years ago, tried and got catastrophic.

John Daly collapsed at hole 6 at Airport Hill in 1998

Graphics depicting the hatching of John Daly at Hole 6, Airport Hill, 1998.

After the first shot with his driver stick into the water, he chose to drop the ball at the closer teeing ground, about 30 yards away from the original spot and used the number 3 wooden stick.

The next five shots, Daly still failed. In theory, the famous golfer at the time could land if he aimed to the right of the target. “I wanted to, too, but the more I aimed to the right, the more I pulled to the left,” Daly said later.

On the sixth shot, the ball crossed the water but hit the shore and could not hit. He had to drop the ball a penalty stick. At this time, Daly had 14 strokes but was not on green. The next shot with iron number 6, the ball hits the revetment in front of the green and is thrown into the sand trap. Daly exits to the peg area and is done after two putts. With 85 strokes on the par72 closing day, of which 18 strokes for hole 6 alone, Daly finished 53rd.

Daly was born in 1966, won two majors in five PGA Tour championships and three European Tour Cups. He currently plays in the group of veterans PGA Tour Champions.

Earlier this year, DeChambeau said it would “1 on” hole 6 in Bay Hill if the weather is favorable. The test round in front of Arnold Palmer Invitational 2021 on 3/3, the player born in 1993 performed twice but all failed.

At that time, the headwind was about 25 km / h, from the right, the speed of DeChambeau’s ball was 312 km / h. The first shot has 30 yards left to reach the green and 10 yards off the target. The back shot is 40 yards off.

The strong winds made DeChambeau's blow not cross the lake

DeChambeau did not cross the lake because of strong winds.

On the regular lane, DeChambeau plays 275 yards down the fairway. 230 yards away, DeChambeau put a second shot on the green, 25 yards away and two putt finished – birdie. At the end of the inspection session, DeChambeau confirmed that he would “1 on” hole 6 if the main round of wind was light, from the left. Because of such conditions, you only need to cross the lake 340 yards.

Arnold Palmer Invitational was initiated by the legendary golfer of the same name in 1979 with Bay Hill as the annual stadium. At top level, the pitch is 7,754 yards. Palmer was born in 1929, died in 2016. He owned seven major in 62 PGA Tour championships. This year’s API started on March 4th with a bonus fund of 9.3 million USD. Golfer is ranked sixth in the world – Tyrrell Hatton is the defending champion.

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