Students from the universities are divided into security teams, water reception, health care, cheerleading, finish line … to ensure successful interpretation.

On the threshold of VnExpress Hue Marathon, the Organizing Committee organized an overview training session for 800 volunteers to support the tournament on the afternoon of December 25. These are students from local Universities, choosing from more than 1,500 applications. Volunteers filled the hall of Nguyen Tri Phuong Secondary School. All were excited when they first contributed to a large-scale sporting event.

“Our criteria for selecting volunteers are enthusiasm, dynamism and the spirit of sports. The success of the tournament has a great contribution from these young people,” said Pham Ngoc Thinh, in charge of volunteers share.

Volunteers tranning on the afternoon of December 25.

Volunteers tranning on the afternoon of December 25. Image: Tran Quynh.

Students will work in teams such as: road security team, medical team, finishing team, referee team, water supply team, cheerleading team, chip mat team and camera operator, running team. Before that, more than 100 volunteers were directly traning to support Bib distribution area, racekit, stage, logistics, … and worked from the morning of December 25.

Occupying the most number of people, the road security team with 180 people plays an important role in ensuring the safety of more than 5,000 athletes. Leader Luu Danh Quang said the Hue runway is quite specific, many loops with more than 200 large and small intersections. Therefore, about 150 to 200 square meters will have at least one volunteer candidate. The organizers also arrange the frontage areas for the purpose of separating the flow of traffic of vehicles and people.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, a student at Hue University of Foreign Languages.  Photo: Tran Quynh.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, a student at Hue University of Foreign Languages. Image: Tran Quynh.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, a student at Hue University of Foreign Studies and 12 classmates together at the tranning session on December 25. Knowing that she has been chosen as a volunteer, Bich is very excited. “As a Hue, I hope to be able to contribute to the success of the run. We will introduce to runners all over the country the hospitality and sports-loving spirit of Hue people”, Bich Bich to speak.

Dr. Vu Quang Hung gave instructions on how to keep volunteers warm.  Photo: Tran Quynh.

Dr. Vu Quang Hung gives instructions on how to keep volunteers warm. Image: Tran Quynh.

Medical work in VM Hue is still maintained as in Hanoi and Quy Nhon. Accordingly, the volunteers were introduced to key skills such as health knowledge about running and injuries. The medical team leader of the tournament – doctor Vu Quang Hung guides troubleshooting on the run, assisting athletes with medical care, coordination and communication. In addition, 9 doctors from Hue City General Hospital will be divided into 6 stations, supporting athletes who meet serious injuries. Each 2 km will have a station, along with 2 main stations at the finish line.

“With the trained knowledge, volunteers can immediately support and handle the basic problems that runners encounter”, said Dr. Vu Quang Hung.

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