8 out of 12 Vietnamese players who attended the World Youth Chess Cup online passed the 1/8 round on the evening of August 26, to participate in the quarterfinals.

Eight Vietnamese players entered the quarterfinals including Dau Khuong Duy, Nguyen Quang Minh (Male 10 years old), Le Thai Hoang Anh (Women 10), Dinh Nho Kiet (Male 12), An Dinh Minh (Male 14), Nguyen Linh Dan (Female 14), Nguyen Hong Nhung and Vu Bui Thi Thanh Van (Female 16).

The four players who stopped in the 1/8 round are Tran Le Vy (Female 10), Mai Hieu Linh (Female 12), Bach Ngoc Thuy Duong and Pham Tran Gia Thu (Female 18).

Player Dau Khuong Duy competes in the national chess tournament in 2020. Photo: Xuan Binh

Player Dau Khuong Duy competed in the national chess tournament in 2020. Photo: Xuan Binh

In Group 10, Khuong Duy and Quang Minh defeated Mark Smirnov and Ahmad Khagan respectively with a score of 2-0. Khuong Duy and Thanh Van did not qualify, but were invited due to their high Elo compared to the age group. In the quarterfinals taking place on the evening of August 27, Khuong Duy met Quang Minh himself, ensuring Vietnam had at least one spot in the semi-finals.

In the Women’s Group 10, Hoang Anh defeated Arya Aydogan 2-1. Hoang Anh lost the first game with white, but won the second game with black. Two players played armageddon to determine victory and defeat, and Hoang Anh played all the Turkish opponents after 38 moves. In the quarterfinals, Hoang Anh met the Russian number one seed Diana Preobrazhenskaya – the player who eliminated Le Vy in the 1/8 round.

In Group 12, Nho Kiet defeated his 376 Elo player – Edgar Mamedov – with a score of 2-0. In the quarterfinals, Nho Kiet met Emir Sharshenbekov. And in the Women’s group 12, Hieu Linh – the daughter of the crab Mai Cong Hieu – lost to Indian player Sneha Halder with a score of 0.5-1.5 in the 1/8 round.

In the group of 14 years old, both representatives of Vietnam entered the quarterfinals. Dinh Minh defeated Indian International Master Mullick Raahil 1.5-0.5. Raahil beat Dinh Minh to 667 Elo, but made a tactical mistake and lost the first game. Dinh Minh will meet FIDE Grandmaster Ediz Gurel in the quarterfinals.

But, the victory with the biggest Elo difference belonged to Linh Dan, 808 Elo more than Alua Nurmanova’s opponent. Nurmanova is the Kazakh number two seed, with Elo 2,221. In the quarterfinals, Linh Dan will meet Davida Strong – the player who also just eliminated the number one seed.

In the Women’s Group 16, Hong Nhung and Thanh Van both defeated rivals Mariya Yakimova and Diana Lomaia with a score of 2-1. In the quarterfinals, Hong Nhung met Amina Kairbekova, and Thanh Van met Yan Ruiyang.

In the Women’s group 18, Thuy Duong topped the qualifying round, but lost to Malaysian player Chua Jia-Tien 0.5-1.5 in the 1/8 round. And Gia Thu lost to second seed Govhar Beydullayeva.

The World Youth Online Chess Finals will take place from August 26 to August 30, with each competition starting at 10 p.m., Hanoi time. Time for each game in the final round is 15 minutes, adding 10 seconds after each move. Each pair plays two quick chess games to change the color of the pieces, if the armageddon game is a draw.

The quarter-finals will take place from 22:00 on August 27, Hanoi time.

Xuan Binh

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