The “For a woman loves” virtualization helps runners motivated to practice, instill feelings of running to women, join the community of running lovers …

“For the loving woman opens the registration gate from March 8, which lasts until April 5. Once registered, the runner can start the next day and run for 14 days, accumulating distance. 5 levels of training distance including 10, 21, 42, 100 and 150 km for the runner to choose.

Get motivated to practice

V-Race is an opportunity for the runner to motivate themselves to practice. Once you have chosen a suitable distance, runners will be motivated to plan a 2-week training session to achieve the set goals. In the process of training, sometimes the lover of the run will have periods of depression, “slack legs and tired knees”. With a set challenge and a timeline to be completed, they’ll be motivated to put on their shoes and stride.


One runner joined VM Quy Nhon in June 2019

Encourage women to exercise

Besides motivating to train, the V-Race is also an opportunity for running legs to cheer its women in practice. By practicing passionately, setting goals and being determined to accomplish that goal, running legs inspire those around them.

A meaningful spiritual gift for women

Each V-Race has its own message and meaning. Held on the 8th week of March, this award has a message aimed at women. For runners, this is a meaningful gift for their women when they are exchanged with sweat, love and effort in practice. When a runner sets a goal and completes the desired distance, it also means that they persistently overcome the challenge and think about their woman every step of the way.

Join a large community with the same goals

Each V-Race tournament attracts thousands of people from all regions to participate. A total of one year after its debut, the tournament has attracted 27,000 runners, together overcoming a total distance of one million kilometers. While the location of each person is different, the view they see while striding is not the same, but they all point to the common goal of completing a challenge.

Running virtual but not lacking in the spirit of competition. Joining thousands of others, running legs are motivated to improve performance and distance length when comparing their abilities with a large community. “A little bit of competition to make running more fun,” said one runner who registered 100km at V-Race.

Completely free and receive a certificate of completion

Finally, with the above meanings, V-Race is completely free to attend and has no limit on the number of registration. Runners can join the challenge at any time and arrange their own training time actively. Without a dedicated watch, they can measure performance with their own smartphone, just with the Strava app.

Upon completing their goals, the runners will all receive medals and virtual certificates of achievement from the organizers. This is a gift to recognize their efforts and at the same time encourage the runner to continue participating in other meaningful virtual running tournaments.

Thao Mien

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