22:30 on November 28, Hanoi welcomes the early winter winds in 2020. In front of the EVNHANOI headquarters gate on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, a quiet place on weekdays, suddenly becomes more vibrant with yellow shadows in training middle crowded.

The atmosphere is exciting, and a little more thrilled by 300 EVNHANOI employees who will participate in the VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight night jogging tournament. For many of them, this was the first time they had ever entered a run, and it was probably the first time they had run at 5 km.

300 EVNHANOI employees gathered to kick off before the VM Hanoi Midnight night run.

300 EVNHANOI employees gathered at the headquarters preparing to kick off for the VM Hanoi Midnight night run.

The race took place at 12:15 but 2 hours ago, the still encouraging EVNHANOI to focus on starting a warm-up as well as feeling the atmosphere of the race. The management board also joined the company staff, actively preparing for the marathon at night.

Around 11am, Mr. Nguyen Danh Duyen – General Director of EVNHANOI and the rest of the staff walk around the lake to warm people and adapt to the colder weather at night. The group was active in colder weather than normal training days at dawn on November 29, the temperature dropped below 18 degrees Celsius.

EVNHANOI's General Director and staff walk to warm people and adapt to the weather before departure.

EVNHANOI’s staff and team run through the “light road” to set the starting line.

Luu Tran Thuy Anh said that she was quite nervous when she first joined a marathon and ran in cold weather. “Although I only registered a 5 km distance, I still feel quite worried. Hopefully the achievement will not be too bad to be the motivation to maintain long-term training”, she shared.

With 300 people, EVNHANOI holds the record for being the largest group participating in the VM Hanoi Midnight tournament. However, not only participating in the movement the company launched, this group really practiced hard in the previous 2 months to prepare for fitness.

Mr. Hiep, an employee at the media department, said that in the last 2 months, every day after work, the company’s employees gather in small groups and practice running together. The runs took place around the lake bank, through the main streets where the running tour would take place such as Hang Dau, Cau Go, Hang Ngang, Dinh Tien Hoang …

Mr. Tran Viet Trung, working at the Electricity Office of Hai Ba Trung district, the only athlete of EVN registered to run the 42 km leg said that he has never attended an official marathon despite still running as a regular how to exercise health. “This time attending VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight, I feel quite thrilled and also very happy to run with my colleagues. Hopefully, through the event, there will be many people who love this sport and run with me,” he said.

Athletes get their costumes ready and attach Bib number before the run starts.

Athletes get their costumes ready and attach Bib number before the run starts.

At 12:05 a.m., on the morning of November 29, EVNHANOI’s running team and more than 5,000 other athletes crossed the starting line, starting the 5-kilometer route. After only about 35 minutes, the first ones finished with the pace of 4: 00 / km, an achievement not inferior to other runners participating in the race.

300 EVNHANOI employees started to leave, striding on the Hanoi night track.

300 EVNHANOI’s 300 runners started to leave, striding on the Hanoi night track.

“Power industry people always need a tough physical strength, the nature of work requires the endurance to adapt to the hottest, coldest weather or extreme windstorms, so joining VM Hanoi Midnight will help inspire, motivate jogging, exercise, keep health for all employees “, said Mr. Le Anh Duong – Deputy General Director of EVNHANOI.

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Image: Duc Dong – Huu Khoa

Video: Huy Manh

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