Early ticket sales week VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 with a discount of 30 to 50% will end at 23:59 p.m. on February 9.

The special weekly ticket gate VnExpress Marathon Midnight 2021 called “Jackfruit” opened from 2/2. With an unprecedented great deal of 30% off for first time registrants, and 50% off for the second time, many people already own the first Bib numbers. Offers are for individual athletes and second incentives base based on last season’s email registration.

Up to now, athletes have nearly 3 days to choose suitable distance, before the week “Jackfruit” ends at 23h59 on 9/2. The amount after the offer is calculated as below:

Ticket type

Listed price

Players buy Bib for the first time
(30% off)

Players buy Bib
the second time
(sale 50%)

5 kilometres 270,000 189,000 135,000
10 km 540,000 378,000 270,000
21 km 650,000 453,600 324,000
42 km 810,000 567,700 405,000

* Unit: VND

After the week of “Jackfruit”, the official ticketing phase of VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2021 will be open from February 14 according to the table below:

Ticket type

Super Early Bird
February 14 – February 28

Early Bird
March 1 – March 31

1/4 – 11/10

October 12 – October 28

5 kilometres





10 km





21 km





42 km





* Unit: VND


The 10 km athlete prepares to start at the Hanoi night run. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

This year’s Hanoi night run will take place on November 20 in the cold early winter weather. This is an ideal time for lovers to run together to experience the atmosphere in the Capital as well as to achieve the highest personal achievement.

In addition to the structure of nearly 100 awards, the Organizing Committee opened more categories for the group to run at two distances 21 and 42 km. The first condition for the groups to compete is to buy Bib to participate right in the stage “Jackfruit” and Super Early Birds. More details on rules and awards will be announced soon.

Thanh Duong

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