After 478 events spanning 25 years, Richard Bland was finally lifted on the European Tour when he won the British Masters 2021.

Bland was born on February 3, 1973, turned pro in 1996. But it was not until May 15 that he became the European Tour champion, aged 48 at the British Masters on Belfry par72. This title also helps Bland become the oldest player to win the trophy for the first time in the golf tournament system since 1972.

Before this event, Bland finished in the top 10 31 times, including three runners-up with a total prize money of nearly six million USD.

On the final day of the tournament, Bland hit 66 strokes, with six birdies on the no-bogey scorecard, including a 8.2-meter putt on the 18th hole.

Bland put the ball from 8.2 meters on the 18th hole British Masters

After the match, he kept the top of the table with a score of -13 and entered the club to wait for the final result.

Of the players after Bland, Guido Migliozzi is the most formidable. He is 24 years old, has won two European Tour championships. Migliozzi finished 16 holes with four birdies and no bogey to share the top spot with Bland. But on the par5 17th hole, the Italian player “2 on” took three putts to finish the job – missed the opportunity to push the British senior down to second.

On the 18th par4 hole, Migliozzi kicked the ball into the bunker wall in a position that could not be played from an existing position, so he was released without penalty according to the law. Then he was trapped by the green again on his second shot.

At this time, Bland was full of hope of winning after 72 standard holes. However, Migliozzi kept par thanks to his escape and a hole-punch putt.

Bland had to return to the “18th stage”, playing an extra hole with Migliozzi. Bland holds par, 0.9 meters away and Migliozzi bogey, 1.8 meters away.

After the putt finished, Bland leaned on his hips, bowed his head and shed tears while reporter Tim Barter from radio Sky Sports Try to use the microphone under the applicant’s chin to work.

Bland holds her head in joy and emotion after winning the British Masters.  Photo: PA

Bland holds her head in joy and emotion after winning the British Masters. Image: PA

“Try to describe the emotion,” says Barter. “I can’t. Next question,” Bland replied after a choking moment.

Through emotion, he said: “Finally I succeeded. The dream comes true. Maybe it takes me a few days to enjoy the fruits of 25 years of striving. After this victory, I want to achieve it. the milestone of attending 500 European Tour events this year,” Bland shared in the media contact after the award ceremony.

He was then invited to the big screen to receive a call from his family.

“Are you okay?” Bland asked.

“No, baby. Because I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long,” the mother replied.

“Oh, that involves both mother and child,” Bland continued.

Bland first participated in the European Tour in 1998, but three years later, he was officially member thanks to winning the grand final on the Challenge Tour second-place system. It was also the only professional win for the next 20 years. During this time, he returned to the Challenge Tour three times to seek promotion, twice competed for tickets to the European Tour relegation and was successful.

Bland last finished second in 2019. “It was painful then because I was 46 years old, probably the same age as the father of most of my fellow players. But I didn’t give up. Bored, tired of chains bad day but I still did not give up and determined to reach the unfinished goal,” Bland shared his feelings about the relegation two years ago. Now, he holds the European Tour card until the end of 2022.

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