Sydney McLaughlin finished first in the women’s 400m hurdles final on the morning of August 4 with 51 seconds 46, won a gold medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, and broke her own old world record with 44% of seconds.

McLaughlin breaks 400m hurdles world record

McLaughlin had a bad start, and it wasn’t until she crossed the 10th hurdle in the final 40 meters that she jumped to finish first. But with 51 seconds 46, this 21-year-old runner still broke the world record of 51 seconds 90 that she just set at the US team’s elimination competition in Eugene, Oregon on June 26.

Despite being overtaken by McLaughlin at the end, another American player Dalilah Mohamad also hit a new milestone in his career. The 31-year-old athlete finished second and has the best personal record (PB) with 51 seconds 58, 32% faster than McLaughlin’s old record. The bronze medal belonged to Dutch athlete Femke Bol with 52 seconds 03 – a European single-leg record in the 400m hurdles.

McLauglin on the board set a new world record in the women's 400m hurdles.  Photo: Reuters

McLauglin on the board set a new world record in the women’s 400m hurdles. Photo: Reuters

Won a gold medal, setting a world record and a new Olympic record at the same time, but McLaughlin was calm. She sat down on the ground, stared at the electronic board, stood up and wiped her hands and received a congratulatory hug from her senior Muhamad. “For those watching, today’s ending is no surprise,” AP comment.

McLaughlin and Muhammad from the past two years have continuously won, conquering world record milestones. Muhammad broke through before winning the US championship in 2019 with a world record of 52 seconds 20, then improved by 4%, reaching 52 seconds 16 at the World Championships of the same year in Doha, Qatar.

But McLaughlin broke that record in the US Olympic competition in June, becoming the first female athlete in history to break the 52-second mark in the 400m hurdles. Winning with the newly set world record of the runner born in 1990 this morning is just the next step on her journey of striving together and healthy competition between her and senior Muhamad.

McLaughlin is 12% ahead of senior teammate Muhamad.  Photo: Reuters

McLaughlin is 12% ahead of senior teammate Muhamad. Photo: Reuters

The results of this morning 4/8 mean that the 400m content for both men and women at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has recorded a breakthrough in the achievements of the runners-up.

In the men’s final on the morning of August 3, Norwegian runner Karsten Warholm also set a new world record with 45 seconds 94, 76% faster than the old record of 46 seconds 70 that he himself set on January 1. 7. The next to Warholm, American athlete Rai Benjamin also achieved a new PB with 46 seconds 17. This parameter is up to 53% faster than Warholm’s record of 46 seconds 70 in Oslo on July 1.

Final results of the women's 400m hurdles Olympic Tokyo 2020 morning 4/8.

Final results of the women’s 400m hurdles Olympic Tokyo 2020 morning 4/8.

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