Carrying a message of cheering for the new year safely, the virtual race “New Year’s Reunion in your own way” attracted more than 1,800 people by the morning of February 16.

“New Year’s reunion in its own way” starts from February 4. Up to now, 1,896 runners have attended and more than 120 clubs. Out of the nearly 1,900 people registered, 76% were male runners. At the four distances of the tournament (14 km, 34 km, 63 km, 97 km), the longer the distance, the more runners who register with nearly 30% choose the 97 km distance.

Among the big groups are Vietcombank Hanoi, Running Community (Run4Self), Thanh Cong Runners, AmsRunners, Adidas Runners Saigon.

The epidemic caused sports activities to be delayed. Many people are excited to participate in virtual running events, because of a special nature: They can run alone but at the same time have a community to share the results, motivated to try.

The virtual run brings the message of running for the community, cheering for the people stuck in Covid-19. Everyone appreciates self-awareness, improves their health, and welcomes the new Spring safely.

Runner up Hanoi night running tournament at the end of November 2020.  Photo: VnExpress Marathon.

Runner up Hanoi night running tournament at the end of November 2020. Image: VnExpress Marathon.

The easy way to sign up, free to join and run with unlimited location or time are the reasons why the virtual running challenge has become so popular. “New Year’s Reunion” brings to the playground suitable for all subjects. No need to gather in crowded places, they can run alone anywhere and can still race with other runners or contribute to the overall achievement of their team.

Organized in the form of accumulating kilometers through many times, runners freely choose suitable running locations such as parks, urban areas, or in their own house. Runner can also run over registered distances.

Race registration time lasts until February 18. Runner access here to register matching goals. Once completed, each person can start running from 0h00 the next day within 21 days of registration. The average speed required is from 3 minutes / km to 12 minutes / km (pace 3:00 to 12:00). These requirements are suitable for runners who are just starting out to professional.

At the end of the prize, the runner will receive an electronic certificate, an electronic medal to save a beautiful memory of a practice journey on this Tet holiday. The organizers will update the results and announce them from March 11 to April 11.

Runner uses the Strava application connected to the V-Race platform of VnExpress to record the results. When completing the information registration on the V-Race page, players need to connect their accounts with Strava.

Besides V-Race, this year, VnExpress also organizes large-scale offline marathons in Hanoi, Quy Nhon and Ha Long with the scale of thousands of people each. Athletes can visit here to choose the competition venue, the right distance for themselves and their loved ones. The prizes are in the opening stage for sale with many offers.

Thanh Duong

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